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Kosta Lois and Jonathan Mouton - Just Friends (Onesta Music GRP) Club Dance - Tropical Pop



Club Dance - Tropical Pop - Wavs + MP3. Los Angeles-based Kosta Lois has dropped a new dance/pop song that’s worthy of your attention. “Just Friends” features the talented vocalist and songwriter Jonathan Mouton. Kosta, an award-winning producer, composer, songwriter, and musician has been consistently delivering great music under his Onesta Music Group moniker.

The song’s creation was a collaborative effort between Lois and Mouton. They sat down together in the studio to work on the melodies. Mouton later penned the lyrics which follow the sensual mood of the music. Lyrically the song delves into the age-old question of whether turning a close friendship into something more can be a risky move. A move that could potentially endanger the bond they share. “Just Friends” captures this emotional dilemma brilliantly.

Kosta Lois’ musical journey has been shaped by his upbringing in a musical family with a diverse international background. Not only does he work with rising artists and hit songwriters behind the scenes, but he’s also passionate about expressing himself as an artist through his productions and his own record label, Onesta Music Group. Kosta’s music draws from various influences worldwide, blending contemporary radio-ready pop with a strong artistic essence.

On the other hand, Jonathan Mouton’s roots in music run deep, thanks to his mother, who sang alongside legends like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. He has been drawn to soul music and the arts since the tender age of 4 and has spent the last two decades passionately pursuing his dreams both as a performer and behind the scenes. Most recently Jonathan created a lot of "Friends" in the media and music in general with his excellent performances on the US version of the hit TV show The Voice.
For more information visit Kosta Lois’ official website or Jonathan Mouton’s social media channels.

Streaming and on release now via Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, TIDAL and Pandora.

Kosta Lois and Jonathan Mouton - Just Friends (Original Mix - 5A - 125 Club Dance

Kosta Lois and Jonathan Mouton - Just Friends (Chalet Remix - 5A - 105 Tropical Pop

Kosta Lois and Jonathan Mouton - Just Friends (INST - 4A - 125 Club Dance

Kosta Lois and Jonathan Mouton - Just Friends (ACCA - 5A - 125 Vocals


℗ Onesta Music Group
Just Friends · Kosta Lois · Jonathan Mouton · Konstantine Lois


Kosta Lois and Jonathan Mouton - Just Friends (Original Mix - 5A - 125 Club Dance

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