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Luci Cahn - Sad State (LC Music) Club House - Pop Dance



CLUB HOUSE - POP DANCE. Luci Cahn delivers a song that has one of those lines that define the lyric forever "same you, just a different day" which can be taken as positive and negative, generally it describes frustration but the way it is interwoven into "Sad State" it stands out as a hook that bounces back from the audience listening. Two mixes to choose from including the Radio Edit plus Remo Giugni Club House remix. Out on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music plus Spotify now via Sony distribution. Great work Luci..

Luci Cahn - Sad State (Remo Giugni Club - 10B - 127 Club House

Luci Cahn - Sad State (New Radio Edit - 10B - 122 Pop Dance

Luci Cahn biography

Luci Cahn’s music career began behind the scenes, working at a London recording studio where she was the receptionist, tea maker and general gofer ! After her shift finished, Luci would sneak into recording sessions to watch the songwriting and recording process being created. In true Hollywood style, Luci’s perseverance paid off when a session singer failed to turn up for a recording session – without missing a beat Luci offered her services ! She then formed the Luci Cahn Band and began gigging across London, in addition to the band beating 100’s of other entrants to the finals of the “Cooltura Music Awards” playing at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London.

Now on a roll, they were also announced the winners of the Highland Uproar Music Challenge which resulted in six months of high rotation airplay in the USA, Australia and all across Europe Luci is now flying solo and is currently enjoying success in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong where her music is being streamed regularly. Luci is managed by Riq of AEL Management.



Luci Cahn - Sad State (Remo Giugni Club - 10B - 127 Club House

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