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Matthew James - Thinking About You (BDS) Soulful House - Disco House - Sweet Club House


DISCO HOUSE - SOULFUL HOUSE - SWEET CLUB HOUSE - WAVs + MP3. Well hello everyone, BDS (Big D Staff ). We hope you enjoyed the last two promos from BIG D RECORDS, we’re kinda stepping out side the box on this one. We have a album from Matthew James ( WHAT IS LOVE Album ) but before we drop the album we let Matthew James pick the lead off track to hit the airwaves, and get the hype started! So he picked a dope poppy house vocal from his album titled ( Thinking About You Vocals by James D)


Matthew James - Thinking About You (Radio Mix - 2A - 110 Sweet Club House

Matthew James put a lot of work into this Album and it shows. “Thinking About You” is a poppy club smoothed out vocal track , and with James. D on the track it takes off to another level! This is definitely ready for Radio rotation. Matthew James found some sweet sounds to make you fell groovy baby, then James D; sprinkles magic over the track with those sweet vocals!!!

Matthew James - Thinking About You (Ext Mix - 3A - 110 Sweet Club House

The extended mix is a max version of the Radio Edit and Matthew James gives you time to mix or drop or whatever you want to do to get this track in the mix!!

Matthew James - Thinking About You (Instru Mix - 2A - 110 Sweet Club House

Matthew James drops the Radio Edit Instrumental on you so you should have fun, Thinking about the music and you.

Matthew James - Thinking About You (The Untold Love Remix - 11A - 125 Soulful House

Ok what is this, we gave JD & MCGM Prods the vocals to Matthew James (Thinking About You) and they did a flip house version of the track that turned out rather nice! Dope drum grooves and nice house chords with a bit of energy to make you feel good to drop this on your dance floor. We’re feeling the vocals mesh well with the track so maybe we have something here? You tell us!!

Matthew James - Thinking About You (Black Love Remix - 2A - 125 Disco House

Whew!!! This remix here from JD & MCGM Prods. They put the soul back into this house remix! JD & MCGM played some funky R n B chords to make this banger track top flight!! I mean, the drums are off the chart and the vocals the track make for a superb remix making for praise the house grooves and step straight into the funky sounds!!


Matthew James - Thinking About You (Radio Mix - 2A - 110 Sweet Club House

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