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Maya Sh'Von - Steady Going (Big D Recs) Soulful House-Disco House



NEW MIXES - SOULFUL HOUSE - DISCO HOUSE - CLASSIC HOUSE - Ok here you go, the waiting is over, we at Big D Records are very sorry for taking so long to get the remixes to you, but waiting is half the fun!!! And here they are The remixes of MAYA SH’VON "STEADY GOING".

Maya Sh'Von - Steady Going (Brotha Funks I'm Out There Remix 6A 126 Disco House

Maya Sh'Von - Steady Going (Motor City Beatown Soul Mix 8A - 124 Soulful House

Maya Sh'Von - Steady Going (My Dream Mix- Inner Mind Production 8A - 125 Disco House

Maya Sh'Von - Steady Going (Redsoul Dub 5A - 125 Classic House

TRACK 1: STEADY GOING: BROTHA FUNKS ( I’M OUT, THEIR REMIX) Brotha funk brings you a dope remix of Maya Sh’von’s ( Steady Going) .. This remix is out there, some parts sound out there, but is sure to get you jumping on the dance floor!!! Dope beats, nice production, don’t even know what the sound is, but OFF THE CHAIN! PUT THIS IN YOUR BOX!

TRACK 2. STEADY GOING: (MOTOR CITY BEATDOWN SOUL MIX) Detroit’s very own Mike Clark, DJ- Agent -X: Brings the heat on this remix of Maya Sh’von; dope chords being play by: Eli, giving you complete soul on this mix, added with the production skills of Mike Clark, this soulful cut is sure to get you to the dance floor!!! Already being played by : Tony Humphries, Tony Wilson!!!! Enough said!!!

TRACK 3. STEADY GOING: ( Red Soul Dub) Straight out of the UK, the brotha from anotha, UK’s very own Dave Warren (Red Soul)… Brings us a dope dub of the track (Steady Going) Crafted beats that are sure to make you sweat, and dope sounds that make you feel the love of the Dub side of Maya Sh’von.. We here at Big D Records are so glad he made his presence know on this dub!!!!! Straight fire!!

TRACK 4. INNER MIND PRODUCTIONS ( THE DREAM MIX) Yes and back again to give Big D Records another funky dream, Inner Mind Production. They gave Big D records a Dreamy mix, no tricks, Just a smooth remix, with smoking beats and a dope sample, and Maya Sh’von’s voice sounding like a angel over the track… The Sweat spot for the DJ, peak time, any time you feel the love!!


Maya Sh'Von - Steady Going (Brotha Funks I'm Out There Remix 6A 126 Disco House

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