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maybesoon - Jump (SM 003611) Electro Pop (Wavs + Mp3s)


ELECTRO POP - WAV & MP3. Electro-Pop Duo maybesoon Leaps Forward with new single "Jump". In a fusion of sound and color, the avant-garde electro-pop duo maybesoon is captivating the musical world with the release of their deeply evocative new single, "Jump." This highly anticipated track is now available across all major streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube Music, Tidal and Pandora.


maybesoon - Jump (Vocal Mix - 4A - 92 Electro Pop

maybesoon - Jump (Instrumental - 4A - 92 Electro Pop

Born from the creative minds of multi-talented singer / songwriters Jayme Woj and Sarah Alysse, maybesoon is known for their exhilarating blend of music, body paint art, and cinematic storytelling. Their new song, "Jump," is an exploration of the intricate dance of relationships, the nuances of anxiety, and the courage it takes to reach out to those who matter most.

This new release is a metamorphosis for maybesoon. Initially created by Jayme Woj in 2019 with his debut track, "Reverie," the project has evolved from mesmerizing dance beats and vibrant body paint-inspired visuals into a powerful personal message behind every lyric and melody. After spending the past two years inside a creative cocoon, maybesoon is about to break free and spread its wings. In 2022, Woj began a collaboration with Sarah Alysse, a singer / songwriter who he met during their shared time at Columbia College Chicago.

maybesoon stands as an inspiring testament to the power of balancing everyday careers with creative ambitions. They believe you don't need to put yourself into a box. Their music serves as an emotive beacon, reaching out to anyone wrestling with their feelings. "Jump" promises to carry forward maybesoon's unique style of infusing raw, melancholic themes of fear, love, and heartache.

In the lead up to the release of the "Jump" music video, maybesoon is sharing exclusive teasers, behind-the-scenes peeks into their creative process, and intimate fan interactions.

About maybesoon:
maybesoon is an inventive electro-pop duo, composed of Jayme Woj and Sarah Alysse. With their shared background, they weave together music, performance art, and storytelling that deliver a uniquely unconventional and immersive listening experience.

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maybesoon - Jump (Vocal Mix - 4A - 92 Electro Pop

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