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Miss Autumn Leaves - No Turning Back (TRAX Records) House - Soulful House - Piano House (Essential Release)


Miss Autumn Leaves, aka Ebby Drenthe, Singer/ Songwriter/ Composer/ MC, is a great charismatic singer with a warm, beautiful and strong voice. She sings different styles of music. From Soulful House, Gospel, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Pop, R&B. You name it and she sings it. You can hear Miss Autumn Leaves' Gospel influences through her singing, full of faith, love, joy and power. Throughout her singing career she has sung for great artists and famous names, such as Gloria Estefan, Madeline Bell, Debby Sledge, Chris Jones, Grace Jones, Meredith Brooks, Gordon, Dana Winner, at the wedding of Ruud Gullit, Paul Haarhuis, Alex Blanchard, Kim Burrell, Antonie Kamerling, and many more.

At the moment Miss Autumn Leaves is working with some of the best DJ's / Producers from the USA, England, The Netherlands, Italy Germany and Belgium. 2023 finds Miss autumn Leaves working with producer Rogier van der Meer, aka Rogier Dulac, with whom she has released her latest tracks. You can find her music and samples on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify.


Miss Autumn Leaves - No Turning Back (Original Mix - 9B - 124 House - Soulful House

Miss Autumn Leaves - No Turning Back (Malmuffin remix - 8A - 120 House-Soulful House

Miss Autumn Leaves - No Turning Back (Rogier Dulac Remix - 9B - 124 House - Piano House

About the song "No Turning Back"
“No Turning Back" is about a couple where one plays hard to get When time passed by the one who played hard to get realized that if you find someone who loves you unconditionally you shouldn't him slip away because the grass always looks greener on the other side, so stay close to what you have when love has found you, treating you good and kind...


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Miss Autumn Leaves - No Turning Back (Original Mix - 9B - 124 House - Soulful House

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