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My Computer - Sirens and Able (Recreation Records) Club Dance - Breaks - Trip Hop


Club Dance - Breaks - Trip Hop - Hip Hop Groove - Acoustic. The prolific song writer-producer Andrew Chester unveils two new recordings for his Recreation Records label with "Sirens" and "Able", both mastered to audio perfection by John Leckie. Two mixes of "Sirens" plus three of the "Able" release. On release plus streaming via iTunes, Deezer, TIDAL and Spotify.


My Computer - Sirens (John Leckie Edit) - 5A - 140 Club Dance-Breaks

My Computer - Sirens (John Leckie Sirens Album Mix) - 5A - 140 Club Dance-Breaks

My Computer - Able (Able Acid To Give You More Remix) - 8A - 110 Trip Hop

My Computer - Able (Acoustic Mix - 8A - 82 Acoustic

My Computer - Able (Hip Hop Mix - 8A - 82 Hip Hop Groove

iTunes, Deezer, TIDAL, Spotify

My Computer is a band you may not have heard about. They are one of the most underrated Manchester bands of modern times. They have been critically acclaimed for their commercially released work and live performances. 

They are published in the UK by Universal for their first two albums 'Vulnerabilia' and 'No CV'. The legendary producer John Leckie, who worked on 'No CV' told Andrew Chester, the singer and songwriter for My Computer, to his face, that he was a poet. He also told The Quietus that he was the best singer in the UK.

Andrew was the youngest of eight kids and growing up, he heard the cream of popular music from the 50's to the 70's, via his brothers and sisters record collections. The albums, E.P's and Singles on this site, reflect that education. Andrew has a strong sense of empathy for the people in this world who have not had it easy. 

Every album is different, just like they were in the 60's & 70's when some bands were nurtured and given space to develop. Andrew has a deep, deep loathing for the x factor, pop idol, ALL boy bands and big brothers influence on two generations of kids. Andrew wrote this music for the people and if it is the last thing that he does, he will get his music to the people, on his own terms. 

Recreation Records began in 2010. The intention was to revive the music that Andy Chester had written, that the music industry had no idea how to sell. After distributing our music digitally and getting no sales, despite worldwide digital distribution, Andy has taken it down and now you can only buy his music on Recreation and iTunes. You can also listen to it on Spotify, Tidal and Deezer but it has only just been distributed there.

The other bands in this shop go their own way. There are no contracts. Recreation has started to manufacture CD's and will also be releasing vinyl soon. Recreation now has physical distribution through Gardner's books, who also distribute Andy's memoirs.

This is music to listen to, not watch. People are listening with their eyes more than ever. The album as an art form has more or less disappeared. Musicianship and poetry have been replaced by marketing. Oh and by the way, Andy Chester is not depressed. It is called empathy. Sirens is My Computer at their most daring lyrically and off its rocker, musically speaking.

The My Computer album Sirens was mastered by John Leckie. He also edited the Sirens title track song into a single edit that you will hear on the video. 

From the My Computer album 'Sirens'
Song written by Andrew Chester/Adam Booth
Produced by Adam Booth
Mixed by Adam Booth
Arranged by Adam Booth
Guitars and Vocals Andrew Chester


This website is the new home of My Computer.



My Computer - Sirens (John Leckie Edit) - 5A - 140 Club Dance-Breaks

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