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Nathassia Devine - Star Sapphire - Inter-dimensional Recordings - Part 2

TRACKS (New) Chill Out, Club Dance, Drum and Bass, Lounge


Nathassia Devine - Star Sapphire - Inter-dimensional Recordings

- The prodigiously​ talented and sensual​ fairy of electronic music, Nathassia Devine, delivers a new set of sparkles from her debut album 'Cosmic' with the superb "Star Sapphire". Released 12 Dec

​Star ​Sapphire (Zodiax Mix) - 11A - 124 - Progressive House
Star Sapphire (Avery Berman Radio Edit) - 11A - 115 - Club Dance
Star Sapphire (FiendReflex DnB Mix) - 11A - 88 - Drum n Bass
Star Sapphire (Morlando Club Mix) - 11A - 126 - Club Dance
Star Sapphire (Pete Ardron Chill Mix) - 11A - 115 - Lounge Chill Out

Fantastic initial radio support already from Kiss FM, Kiss Fresh, Gaydio, Jemm One & RTE/Pulse. Early feedback from both Club & Urban taste maker DJ's is outstanding (available on request).

Sample feedback below: -

‘Great mix packages! My fav is Smith and Westin mix, thought I was listening to a Oliver Helden remix ;) but will be spinning Steve Smart mix in this weeks show' Danny Lee, Kiss FM

‘I'm just finalising my next show on Gaydio and SFR as we speak, and have included Nathassia Devine.' Rich B, Gaydio FM

"Have played Steve Smart Remix but this week Morlando." Adam Turner, Gaydio FM

Full support from: The Wideboys, Cutmore, Kriss Hertbert, Christian Homan etc. (via Believe Digital)


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