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Olly Lagemann - Love Flows to You (ES&L Ent) Melodic Chilled Instrumental



Olly Lagemann - Love Flows to You Melodic Chilled Instrumental 

New worlds of sound from Olly Lagemann. After numerous multi-faceted collaborations and successful single releases, the well-known composer Olly Lagemann is entering a new era with his latest work. The maxi release "Love Flows to You" shows a completely different side of the experienced musician and a fusion of classical composition with danceable techno beats. An authentic work that will be available on all known streaming and download portals from April 19, 2024 Including Spotify (link below)...

Olly Lagemann - Love Flows to You - 7B - 96 Melodic Chilled Instrumental
Composer: Oliver Lagemann ISRC: DEU132404002

Olly Lagemann - Capys Journey to the Olympus - 9A - 98 Melodic Chilled Instrumental
Composer: Oliver Lagemann ISRC: DEU132404001

Olly Lagemann - Take A Walk Alone - 8B - 134 Melodic Chilled Instrumental
Composer: Oliver Lagemann ISRC: DEU132404003
ES&L Entertainment / LC 16097 Release Date: 04/19/2024

Lagemann's passionate work on music has been expressed through a variety of different projects over the last 25 years. With bands such as Cats TV, Hedge, Mont Go, Loz Tinitoz and GAS, he has created musical rock landscapes. However, when creating his latest work "Love flows to You", he decided to take a different path. An entire orchestra with lush, bombastic strings, flutes, a grand piano and danceable techno beats create a completely new piece that stands out from the usual soundscape. "There's enough Achtelmeier rock music with the same old messages. That's why I decided to compose instrumental pieces, to break new ground and create something unique," says Olly Lagemann, explaining his creative decision.

Overcoming musical boundaries
With "Love flows to You", Olly Lagemann also redefines the term "crossover". The musical elements incorporated into the piece represent a unique blend that stands out from traditional genres. Instead of taking the familiar route, Lagemann opts for the unconventional, creating a sonic journey that challenges the audience both visually and aurally. It is the product of a musician who refuses to be pigeonholed and instead passionately pursues his unique musical vision.

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Olly Lagemann - Love Flows to You - 7B - 96 Melodic Chilled Instrumental

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