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OVE - I Don't Know Where I Stand ft Simon Carles (Horus Music) Cinematic Cool




Some new music defies being generalized, it's there in your ears, soul and surrounding your very being. Not asking you to dance or sing along but to just let it be, as a famous song once implored, just let it be, because it has a place in the great tapestry of our lives that we know as music. Undefined by colour, country and maybe soon even planet. "I Don't Know Where I Stand" is other worldly for certain and given a newly formed tag Cinematic Cool due to its deeply multi-layered contextual lyric along with its beats and phasing synths.

The lyric is a masterful reflection of NOW, these very moments in time looking at the very juxtaposition of past and present, seeing that they don't match in any way, so which way do you go or think? It's not a T-junction where you turn left or right, it's a wall of confusion, a giant wall of confusion, presenting good and bad, happy and sad, evil and mad with memories of when times were gladder. We keep thinking "it's ok, we'll be back again" but back is disappearing fast in front of us.

Me personally, EG of Kings, feels that this is a moment for humanity. Before a butterfly can soar in the warm air it must first shred it's skin as a caterpillar, a process in itself that must be confusing, even painful and then by the magic of evolution everything is below with the air currents of the day opening up a world of new.

True artists reflect their times, not their sponsors, Ove is a real artist who has created a "What's Going On" recording without even knowing that. LISTEN to "I Don't Know Where I Stand" in that Marvin Gaye context of the conflicted 1971 world now 50 years on (yes 50 years can you believe that ?) then you'll hear and feel what I do (hopefully). Be a saviour to your listeners, let them know they can immerse themselves in "I Don't Know Where I Stand", there is a message in the throttle, open it up and ride on forward.

We never know where we truly stand, it is all a chance of consequential change. The old world is fading fast in the rear view mirror and it has to, it must do so, if the human race is going to stay as a tenant on this planet. Thank you Ove, you totally opened up my head. More please.

"I Don't Know Where I Stand" is the first single of Ove's EP "Metanoïa" Vincent made with his collaborating friend Simon Carles. Out on Apple Music & Spotify now via Horus Music

Ove - I Don't Know Where I Stand - 5A - 66bpm (Cinematic Cool).mp3

Ove - I Don't Know Where I Stand - 5A - 66bpm (Cinematic Cool).wav



Ove - I Don't Know Where I Stand - 5A - 66bpm (Cinematic Cool)

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