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Penelope - Biconic (Booshu Recs) Disco Club House


DISCO CLUB HOUSE - WAVs + MP3s. BiConic (Mind Electric Remix) is an uplifting disco-powered track on a mission to empower the bisexual community.“BiConic is dedicated to everyone who falls under the Bi+ umbrella, we are people who have historically been disempowered by society, with hardly any representation or validation. But this is starting to change, we are making our voices, our truth and our experiences heard. Here in the Bi+ community we like to say that no matter your degree of attraction to any gender, no matter the gender of the person you are with, you are in the Bi+ family and we see you!

As someone who came out later in life, I found the experience liberating but also a little confronting at times. I am proud to be Bi and represent my community but I have had times where I didn’t feel ‘gay enough’ or ‘straight enough’, like I wasn’t in either club and I didn’t know where to stand. So I wrote a song to help people express their love and celebration for who they are and show them that they aren’t alone, that where they are standing is exactly where they should be and we will always find each other.” - PENELOPE


Penelope - Biconic (Mind Electric Extended Remix) - 4A - 124 Disco Club House

Penelope - Biconic (Mind Electric Instrumental) - 4A - 124 Disco Club House

Penelope - Biconic (Mind Electric Remix EDIT) - 4A - 124 Disco Club House

BiConic is a catchy, bubble of joy that I would recommend to all pop / dance lovers. With Live Performances at Mardi Gras and Fair Day 2023, I’m sure those who haven’t found found their BiConic Icon…. soon will. PENELOPE stepped into the pop scene in 2021 with something to sing about! BiConic delivers a bold empowerment anthem for bisexual people across the globe. PENELOPE’s flamboyant energy shines in the fun track. BiConic was screaming for a Mind Electric Remix, which showcases her powerful vocals, with an air of old-school Lady Gaga.

"BiConic features a colorful 80’s flare that reminisces the likes of Dua Lipa" - Mesmerized

"BiConic is sure to be adored by admirers of Lady Gaga, especially of 'Chromatic'"- Pigeon Reviews

"BiConic is a pop anthem, filled with infectious melodies and vibrant rhythm. It’s uplifting and energetically fulfilling." - The Punk Head

"Where do I start with 'BiConic'? The futuristic bubbles of the melodies? or the ultra-Eurovision style of the piece? Either way, this is a song that has a strength within its lyrics and catchiness within its execution. This is a great song from start to finish! The song has been written as a celebration and encouragement towards the Bi+ Community is something that we need to hear more of!" - Tipl news



Penelope - Biconic (Mind Electric Extended Remix) - 4A - 124 Disco Club House

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