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Pepper Gomez - I Want To Dance With You (Wake Up! Music) 90s Club Dance - House



HOUSE - 90s CLUB DANCE - WAVs + MP3s. House History that was never released: Well after working with various Chicago House DJ/Producers and the end of Master Plan, I had to do a tune on my own. I guess I had to prove something to myself - as an artist, a musician, a lyricist, a poet, a woman. So - the tunes are always ready but who would I work with? Peter Black (RIP) was recommended to me and what a great recommendation that was.

Pepper Gomez - I Wanna Dance With You (DJ Lil Manny House Vox - 11A - 124 House

Pepper Gomez - I Wanna Dance With You (DJ Lil Manny Dub - 9A - 124 House

Pepper Gomez - I Wanna Dance With You (Original Mix - 12A - 125 (90s Club Dance)

Peter and I clicked in the studio. (Not surprising as I loved working with all my DJ/Producers) That's him on all the instruments and some background vocals easily identified. That's me on castanets and lead vocals and great screams "Let's Go". And, then, he brought in this background singer - no idea her name - maybe someone can identify her for me. She was unbelievable! Actually probably a lot better than me but we sang different styles. I think she made me sing better. We worked hard on the vocals and spent three days in the studio on this tune. So - here you have it - one of my favorite themes to write and sing about - Dance. Happy Birthday Pepperlicious

With Peter Black (RIP) heading up production and me in support. Never did I release this one - was too busy with real life. What you hear has been taken from the sole copy of this on a cassette! By how good it sounds, you can imagine how incredible the production and sound Peter got. Unfortunately, the masters were destroyed by the recording studio as they had some alleged payment issues with the producer on other projects- even though I had paid in full! Criminal to destroy art but art survives apparently in spite of such challenges.

I always was a bit hookier than other House coming out of Chicago and you'll hear that as well as the Spanish which I used from Day 1 - a reflection of me. Thank you, Peter Black for blessing and believing in me. I guess this our official release. Dedicated to the memory of Peter Black - one of House Music's many unsung heroes. A Marcus Mixx video for - Marcus gives us the feel for that time while reminding us that we have indeed fast forwarded. These were the days I wore a hot pink long tee shirt as a dress! Peace, Love, Dance !


Song by Pepper Gomez
Track by Peter Black
Vocals, lyrics, castanets by Pepper Gomez
Background vox by Pepper Gomez, Peter Black and the Mystery Female Vocalist
Produced by Peter Black and Pepper Gomez
Mastered by Dave Kutch/The Mastering Palace
Copyright – Wake Up Music, LLC
Pepper My Music Publishing (ASCAP)
2021 (track originally recorded late 1980s)
ISRC Codes
UPC: 608539221615
I Wanna Dance with You: QZNJV2103616
I Wanna Dance with You (DJ Lil Manny Dub): QZNJV2103617
I Wanna Dance with You (DJ Lil Manny House Vox): QZNJV2103618


Pepper Gomez - I Wanna Dance With You (DJ Lil Manny House Vox - 11A - 124 House

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