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Pildrin - Planetary Pilgrimage EP (Natural Recs) Tech House (Wavs + Mp3s)




Pildrin - Planetary Pilgrimage EP from Natural Records features three sublime Tech House tracks for your consideration this weekend. Out on release and streaming through Apple Music plus Spotify now. With a Tech House thumbs-up from Kings...

Pildrin - Planetary Pilgrimage - 6A - 125 Tech House

Pildrin - Archangel - 1A - 125 Tech House

Pildrin - Interstellar - 2A - 125 Tech House

Drawing from techno, house and electro, Rotterdam-based duo Pildrin will release their first EP ‘Planetary Pilgrimage’. They are returning to Natural Records after having done two remixes for Quadripart and sharing the compilation with Secret Cinema where they show a natural talent for emotive and raw sounds. With this EP, they are showcasing their dark, driven yet uplifting music once again.

First up, the title track ‘Planetary Pilgrimage‘ starts off dark with growling synths which quickly makes place for a catchy synthesizer lead and minimal percussion. The arpeggio bouncing off the main synth is creating a hypnotic rhythm that pulsates into tandems with the drums, making sure you won’t leave the dancefloor until the very end.

‘Archangel’ comes next, a highly atmospheric track bursting with elements of melancholy. All sounds push you towards a constant hypnosis, with bright synth hits plucking in constant movement, dragging you into the loopy depths of it’s rhythm and rumbling bass. Melodic yet pulsating with sparse perc hits, makes it cut ties to any archetypal melodic techno feeling.

‘Interstellar’ starts ambient and slow, taking its time introducing well crafted drum elements. Vibrant noise-hits and a modulating arpeggios accompanied by groovy shakers instantly paints a cinematic background with saturated basses delivering a progressive drive. No dull moments with this track as the drums push forward and the arp is backed up by chord and melodies that tease and please.

Pildrin’s ‘Planetary Pilgrimage’ EP is out now on Natural Records.


Pildrin - Planetary Pilgrimage - 6A - 125 Tech House

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