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Pure Persuasion Project - Running In The Rain (ALBUM) Afro House - Soulful Pop - Tropical Dance


Pure Persuasion Project - Running In The Rain Album (Afro House - Soulful Pop - Tropical Dance)

ALBUM OF THE MONTH - Pure Persuasion Project hopes to make music that changes lives for the better. In their latest LP, ‘Running in the Rain' they tackle concepts such as love, belonging, consciousness-raising, and more through lyrical storytelling and uplifting arrangements. It gives Pure Persuasion Project's audience a chance to get to know them as a group brimming with optimism and inspirational content. The album of 11 tracks with something for everyone, whether that be soul, funk, R&B, Afro-pop, or reggae. Full EPK in the downloads. 


1-Pure Persuasion Project ft Sayaka, Damion Willis - Running In The Rain - 11B - 148 Soulful Pop -
Philosophical country ballad of reconnecting with self.

2-Pure Persuasion Project ft Len Tucker - Slow Down - 8B - 105 Funky Club Dance -
Uplifting self-care anthem w/ bright, funky riffs

3-Pure Persuasion Project ft Len Tucker - Love Is Making Plans - 12B - 138 Tropical Dance -
Latin-pop vibe, story of celebrating intentional love

4-Pure Persuasion Project ft Ken Turner & Damion Willis - Greetings - 9B - 131 Tropical Percussion Dance -
Afrofunk rhythms celebrating joy in community

5-Pure Persuasion Project ft Aya Yamaguchi & Damion Willis - Brace Yourself - 6B - 134 Soulful Pop - Introspective ballad about following the heart

6-Pure Persuasion Project ft Jamon & Mr. Slick (rap) - So Hard - 8B - 97 Funky Club Rap Dance -
Positive, conscious Soul/Hip-Hop/R&

7-Pure Persuasion Project ft Nidra White & Philly - Somewhere in Africa - 7A - 120 Afro House -
Cultural and poetic African story of spirit's call

8-Pure Persuasion Project ft Philly & Neeyah - What Does One Know - 8B - 84 Funky Soul -
Samba/reggae track cultivating peace and love

9-Pure Persuasion Project ft Angela Petty - Love Love - 3B - 125 Tropical Dance -
Community love leads to nuance, and freedom

10-Pure Persuasion Project ft Damion Willis - Love Is Still All - 4B - 130 Soulful Pop -
Sentimental ballad on love's transformative power

11-Pure Persuasion Project ft Damion Willis - Pure Persuasion (To Keep On Living) - 12B - 93 Rock Pop - Uplifting, supportive soul record to soothe life's inherent struggles


Pure Persuasion Project ft Sayaka & Damion Willis - Running In The Rain - 11B - 148 Soulful Pop

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