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Pure Persuasion Project ft Jamon - Wonderful World (Don't Know Much) RnB Pop


POP R & B - CLASSIC SONG - Pure Persuasion Project is back with a beautiful and happy song titled, Wonderful World (don’t know much) feat. Jamon. This smooth listening, laid-back pop/reggae tune has all the elements to tingle the senses and keep the listener grooving. A pretty soprano sax interlude and repeating hook at the end keeps the listener engaged and uplifted for its duration. Jamon’s richly soulful vocals give off the timbre of a voice you would hear out of the Motown era, something like Sam Cooke or Curtis Mayfield.

The super group had the objective to “retool this classic song from the ground up.” The hook "don't know much" was their key to establishing the groove for the tune, beginning with soulful scatting, By then, the hook kicks in with a straight down tempo pop beat and it gradually transforms into a reggae vibe. It’s perfect for all ages, all audiences, and all types of people because the main theme is so universal. It’s people’s music.

Regardless of how much the main character “doesn’t know,” they are still focused on a life full of love and connection. “Love is the glue that keeps us all together moving in the best direction possible for each person,” he says.


Pure Persuasion Project - Wonderful World (Don't Know Much) - 9B - 80 RnB Pop



Pure Persuasion Project - Wonderful World (Don't Know Much) - 9B - 80s RnB Pop

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