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Pure Persuasion Project ft Ken Turner & Damion Willis- Greetings (Obonu Music) Afro Funk - Wav + MP3


PURE PERSUASION PROJECT OFFER NEW AFROFUNK/AFRO-POP SINGLE, “GREETINGS” feat. Ken Turner and Damion Willis. Southern California-based, Pure Persuasion Project, release joyful, upbeat, “Greetings” feat. Ken Turner and Damion Willis to celebrate with loved ones.

The eclectic Pure Persuasion Project have released a joyful and uplifting song to the universe entitled, “Greetings featuring Ken Turner and Damion Willis.” The celebratory number is a fast paced tune driven by African rhythms and percussion to create an atmosphere of dancing, laughter, and enjoyment. The signature-soulful lyrics offer best wishes and greetings for the days ahead. Presence is the present, and that is what Pure Persuasion Project invites you here to relish in it. Just in time for the holidays around the calendar, and into next year!

Pure Persuasion Project - Greetings - 9B - 131 (Ext Mix - Afro Funk)

“The story starts with reminiscing about a loved one leaving home, receiving wonderful news about the loved one, then sending them good wishes and cheering them on joyfully, acknowledging the progress in their life’s journey.” they said. “Greetings” is a song about celebrations we look forward to year after year.”


“Greetings,”originally written in Chicago in 2022, was rearranged for release this year. The song was recorded in three locations in Southern California and was mixed in San Diego, CA. Musicians and singers on this track include:

Vocals: Ken Turner with adlibs by Damion WIllis
Background Vocals: Len Tucker
Percussion: Roy Gonzales
Drums: Kevin Koch
Bass: Nee Sackey
Guitars: Nii Amon
Flute and Saxophones (alto, tenor and baritone) : John Rekevics
Trumpet: Felix Sierra
For listeners of Highlife, Afrobeat music, Afrohouse, Afro-pop, Soul and other subgenres.

The Pure Persuasion Project was inspired by sad and unfortunate events; teenage and young adults, or anyone for that matter, giving up on themselves, and forgetting the courage and the positive self-talk that got them through any adversity.

The core theme of the project is that rather than giving in to a sense of hopelessness, this first song in the project, Pure Persuasion, reminds the listener to tap into that inner source of strength and courage that has become dormant, overshadowed by many years of anxiety, depression, setbacks, negative destructive thoughts, etc., and step up to reclaim that fearless determination to change now, starting with the Pure Persuasion from within.

Greetings · Pure Persuasion Project · Ken Turner · Damion Willis
℗ 2022 George Amon Ashie
Released on: 2022-12-09
Producer: George Nii Amon Ashie
Music Publisher: Obonu Music
Lyricist: George Nii Amon Ashie


Pure Persuasion Project - Greetings - 9B - 131 (Ext Mix - Afro Funk)

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