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Raquela - Feels Like Love (Remixes) H.O.P Music (Organ Bass House-Club House-Circuit House)



REMIXES - ORGAN BASS HOUSE - CIRCUIT HOUSE - CLUB HOUSE - TRANCE - BASS SYNTH HOUSE. H.O.P. Music is excited to present the remixes of the new EP dance single, "FEELS LIKE LOVE", starring 5 time Billboard charting recording artist, RAQUELA, who delivers a commanding and stellar vocal performance from start to finish.

Written by Michael Cerchiai and Raquela Burt, “"FEELS LIKE LOVE" offers several outstanding EDM, House, Progressive House, Club and Big Room mixes from some of the best remixers in the business: Bimbo Jones, Twisted Dee, Diego Fernandez, Wayne Numan, Leo Frappier, Phil B, Hawthorne, LA Rush, Rob Moore, George Von Liger and Tweaka Turner. Recommended by Kings..

Raquela - Feels Like Love - (Bimbo Jones Dub 7A - 126 Organ Bass House

Raquela - Feels Like Love - (Rob Moore Club Mix - 7A - 128 Circuit House

Raquela - Feels Like Love - (Wayne Numan Club Mix - 7A - 128 Club House

Raquela - Feels Like Love - (Wayne Numan Inst Mix - 7A - 128 Bass Synth House

Raquela - Feels Like Love (Rinaldo Montezz Feels Like A Remix Club - 7A - 126 Club House

Raquela - Feels Like Love (Rinaldo Montezz Foreplay Remix Club 7A - 114 Club Dance

Raquela - Feels Like Love - (George Von Liger Remix 7A - 128 Trance


Previous mixes available on the link below
Raquela - Feels Like Love (H.O.P Music) House-Deep Funky House-Twisted Tribal House

Raquela - Feels Like Love
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