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Ray Ramon - Turn It Up N Burn It Down - Ray Ramon Recs (Tropical House)

TRACKS (New) Club Dance


TROPICAL HOUSE - CLUB DANCE..​ Turn It Up ‘N' Burn It Down (#TIUBID) is regarded as "Dance-Pop" which is a dance-oriented pop music genre that originated in the early 1980s. It is generally an up-tempo music intended for nightclubs with the intention of being dance-able but also suitable for contemporary hit radio. "Turn It Up ‘N' Burn it down" is a song written and sung by Australian Artist Ray Ramon and released on his Independent label Ray Ramon Records. The Nigerian born Australian singer songwriter and music producer is a multi award winning artist. The single release also includes a radio friendly version as well as a hybrid mix for DJ's.

Turn It Up ‘n' Burn It Down is a song about the everyday hard working people in various fields who just can't wait for Friday Night just to turn up the heat and let loose. Super Fan Tracey Tiplady from New South Wales, Australia describes the song as:

"The time is 5:35pm on a Friday afternoon. The doors to my shop are closed and the weekend has officially begun. The question that now lingers is, do I let my aching body win and have a quiet night in or do I let the inner dancer in me rise to the surface. 15 minutes later I'm home and sitting on my couch, I turn on my ipod and hit random shuffle. Suddenly my feet start tapping, and as I listen to the lyrics of the song I realize it's the everyday working class persons answer to the looming question What to do on a Friday night? The answer is a simple one, Turn it up and burn it down. This modern funky dance song hits the spot in all the right places. The beat means I can't sit still and the words resonate through my entire being! This song speaks to me, it's telling me, let loose, hear the beat and feel the music! That nap on my couch is now a distant memory. I've got my dress on and I've thrown some high heels on and now it's time to hit the dance floor!"

Ray Ramon - Turn It Up N Burn It Down Ext Mix 10A 126 Tropical House

Ray Ramon - Turn It Up N Burn It Down Hybrid Mix 10B10A 128 Club Dance

Ray Ramon - Turn It Up N Burn It Down Radio Edit 10A 126 Tropical House

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​W​ritten by ​Ray Ramon

​C​o-written by ​Jenni Ramon​

​M​usic produced by ​Dave Cherry (andromeda)

​Executive Producer - Ray Ramon

Exclusive Release: 7th October 2016.

​Official Release date: 21st October 2016.



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