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Roberto Bates feat. VIOLA - Wake Up (bgRecs) 80s Club Dance



80s Club Dance - Wavs + Mp3s

Kings Speech "Amazing 80s vibes in the production of "Wake Up", from Roberto Bates feat. VIOLA, takes you back to those massive hits from the era that bounced off the radio, were featured in huge movies and filled dancefloors around the world. You have to check it out." Label speech. "Many topics in politics, but also in business, are off the public radar at the moment and are thus endangering our coexistence.

The war against Ukraine have intensified this concern. Roberto Bates has written "Wake Up" to call for people to stand up for peace and freedom.

For Roberto Bates a touching song is not just a good beat, but also a strong melody. He has been influenced by the melodic rock and pop of the 80s. The instrumental song "Minnesota Lakes" was his first work as a solo artist and is still playing on the radio today, with several thousand airplays and over a million streams to date."

Roberto Bates feat. VIOLA - Wake Up (Extended Mix) - 5A - 90 (80s Club Dance)

Roberto Bates feat. VIOLA - Wake Up (Radio Edit) - 5A - 90 (80s Club Dance)



Roberto Bates feat. VIOLA - Wake Up (Extended Mix) - 5A - 90 (80s Club Dance)

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