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Roze McQueen - I'm A Child - Glass Eyes - Brr (Lounge Vocal)


Roze McQueen - I'm A Child - Glass Eyes - Brr (Lounge Vocal)


LOUNGE VOCAL - Roze McQueen is a singer/songwriter committed to combining her passion for music, her love of the visual arts, her grasp of good storytelling with her determination as an activist whose weapon of choice is the power of melody woven around a sweet vocal and poignant lyric.. Featured on the Spotify Rising Stars playlist with the song "Glass Eyes" which is on release now alongside "I'm A Child" and "Brr" through Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and Napster. Recommended by Kings.

"I'm a Child" is a new single out for release now. It is about searching for the right path when flooded with disinformation and distraction. Choices today are difficult. When offered a multitude of different facts and realities, how do you know which ones are real? If you can no longer trust your own senses, whose judgment do you trust?

The analogy of having a book but not being able to know what it contains, stemmed from my personal battle with dyslexia. When I finally was able to move past my own concerns about my own difficulties, I began to see that it is not much different than someone who can read but is so flooded with disinformation that they don't know what the real facts are either.

In any case, it is essential that we all muddle through the noise to find the truth. In that way we can make informed decisions about our lives and the issues that affect them.

Roze McQueen - Glass Eyes (Original Mix - 11B - 68 Lounge Vocal)


On its face Glass Eyes is about the pain caused by all the lies that permeate our lives, but its inception was actually brought about by a cow.
My child-self often viewed the world through the lens of a camera. One day I was shooting images of a crowded feedlot. Of course I saw that one specific cow, his soft brown eyes followed me everywhere. But when I viewed the pictures later, I realized I had failed to actually see the cow. My child-self had seen the massive bovine sea, but never saw that one cow looking to me for a way out of that horrible place.

Of course, my adult-self later saw the foolishness of my reaction, but that never quite took away the sting of my perceived betrayal. Instead I started to notice that the world around me was filled with the same callous disregard. Not just for cows, but for everyone. With an oblivious selfishness, we often fail to really see those around us – what they need, how they feel – not out of meanness but from a culture that no longer has the time to value honesty. Lying has become an acceptable means to an end. We are so busy trying to get ahead that we no longer give a second thought to the manipulation that allows that to happen or the pain that it causes.

Our world has changed and lies have saturated it to the core. So whether through the glass eyes of our smartphones or tv’s or just the brazenly glassy stare of someone bold enough to lie to our face, it’s time to recognize the manipulation behind the lies. Glass Eyes is a call to see those around us for who they are and the facts for what they are.

Roze McQueen - I'm A Child (Original Mix - 1B - 99 Lounge Vocal


Roze McQueen - Brr (Original Mix - 11B - 98 Lounge Vocal)

Within it is a cry from someone trying desperately to move on from the loss of someone dear. To find joy in a world suddenly stripped of it. To move forward only to be sucked back again and again by shared memories. It can be a lifelong challenge to try to adjust to a life without someone you love especially when that death was sudden, unexpected or unnecessary.

We live in a world beset by Covid-19, gun violence, suicide, drug overdoses and thoughtless drivers. A world where the people left behind often have to face the tragedy of their lives being ripped apart on their own. It is tough to face the death of a loved one, but it is exponentially worse when confronted by the reality that it didn't have to happen. The fight between feeling angry, and sorrowful and just wanting to forget can battle on for years. "Brr" is for those times.

"Wow, that VOICE. As archetypically ancient as it is wholly original and modern. It puts the 21st century ancestral #celtic shivers up the spine.."  Canning Circus Creative Hub

"Sooo stoked to have worked on some tracks with Roze this summer. Out now everywhere. #popmusic that speaks to the human condition - #soulmusic that talks to the craaaayziness going on out there.. Talent this good needs to be heard far and wide from her LA home."
~KJAMM Mastering


Roze McQueen - I'm A Child (Original Mix - 1B - 99 Lounge Vocal

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