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Santha - Veneno - Angel Eyes Music (Latin Radio Smash)

Tracks 19.01.2019 #WAVs + MP3s, Latin Club, Latin Pop


LATIN RADIO SMASH - WAV + MP3 - "VENENO" (which translates to "Poison" in English) is a super catchy smash bubbling away on the latin music scene with all the ingredients of the type of song that takes months to fully circulate onto radio then gets a hold and stays for eternity as a classic of its genre. Let this play through to its last 8 bars, you'll hear the hook and feel it grow on you. MP3 for radio, WAV for the dancefloor Eddie Gordon of Kings.

Santha - Veneno (Original mp3 - 4A - 96 Latin Pop Smash.mp3
Santha - Veneno (Original wav - 4A - 96 Latin Pop Smash.wav 
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Santha - Veneno (Original mp3 - 4A - 96 Latin Pop Smash

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