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Seraphine - Come Together (Independent) Alternative-Rock Vocal



ALTERNATIVE - ROCK VOCAL. Seraphine's "Come Together" is a great song for this time, a fusion of guitars and lyrics that U2's Bono would relish getting his talents into, especially now. The 49 second guitar intro pulls your ears into the recording with lyrics full of a strong positive message. Five songs featured from the album "To The End". Check them out, there is something special cookin with Seraphine. "To The End" is out now on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer via Horus Music...

"Come together

You are welcome here

Despite this madness

Despite your fears

Oh, if you can see through the lines that divide

Based on meaningless boundaries that we didn't decide

This world is hard enough without them too"

Seraphine - Come Together - 10B - 120 Rock Vocal

Seraphine - To The End - 2B - 112 Alternative Vocal

Seraphine - Alarms - 4B - 87 Rock Vocal

Seraphine - Demisapien - 10B - 70 - Alternative Vocal

Seraphine - Like a Bullet - 6A - 84 Alternative Vocal

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For the past five years, Seraphine's two members have been writing and recording material in different parts of the world. In fact, at no point during the past four years were the members even in the same continent together. Come Together is the leading single for their upcoming album To The End. This single, just like all the music on the album that follows (February 2021), has been written, produced, engineered, and mixed by the band.

Come Together is the band's first ever public release. A hopeful and up-tempo track; decidedly Alternative. In many regards, it sets itself aside from much of the album that follows, which typically takes on a moodier tone.

The production of this single and upcoming album has been a feat of perseverance, as well as modern technology. Though by no means anticipated, if this work were to be recognised/featured in music blogs, magazines, or picked up by music critics, it would be a tremendous complement to our hard work.

Seraphine on Apple Music & Spotify


Seraphine - Come Together - 10B - 120 Rock Vocal

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