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SEWT ft Beth Beighey - Falling Sideways (Feels Like Flying) Ferrini Recs (Future Club)

Tracks 29.10.2018 #FUTURE_CLUB, Future Pop


COOL FUTURE CLUB - FUTURE POP FROM A TOP LABEL IN SWITZERLAND - FERRINI RECORDS - Just in time for the fireworks on New Years Eve, the deal was struck. Following a heated discussion about the “good and bad” in Swiss music (one song in particular) and heavily supported by the countless booths selling mulled wine, SEWT decided to take a leap of faith into the professional music business. The wager? SEWT's Car. If he did not make the Swiss Single Charts by the End of 2018. YES HE DID BET HIS CAR.

SEWT LOVES HIS CAR!! Countless nights and early mornings were spent at the studio until the final choice for the first single release was made: It should be "Falling Sideways (Feels Like Flying)" a catchy tune, great beat and the necessary portion of sex! While SEWT's car had lost a lot of its appeal during the years of preparation, SEWT was all the more determined to win the bet for support on his project, he reached out to real “Pros” in the industry!

By sheer coincidence, SEWT met Beth Beighey at one of her concerts. Beth is a fantastic singer with roots in Nashville US and a recent top 25 US Charts placement. Her voice adds a fantastic level of passion and dynamic to the song. The finishing touches to the arrangement was done by Domenico Livrano, a master of the art who already produced artists like Boney M and E- Rotic. Domenico can look back on more than 50 European chart entries in his career. AND..

WHO IS SEWT? SEWT is listed in the Urban Dictionary as the worst misspelling of “sweet”. While pronounced like “suit” ... it is yet unclear who else is behind the Name other than a sweet bunny in a suit...



SEWT ft Beth Beighey - Falling Sideways (Feels Like Flying) 6A - 115 Future Club

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