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Talla 2XLC - Ragnaroek (ZYX Music) Trance


#Trance #Newmusic #Trancemusic #MP4Video - Talla 2XLC expands his impressive back catalogue of quality releases with his track Ragnaroek on That’s Trance. It’s theme is originating from the well-known Norse mythology that describes the series of horrible fights, deaths and pains that will bring the apocalyptic end of the world as we know it and the new world order will rise. By having this encyclopedic knowledge at the back of your head you can sense that the track attempts successfully to paint with variety of sound layers and special effects these mysterious sad myths. It’s an epic euphoric moody trancer that is fiercely uplifting but at the same time dark and sinister.

Talla 2XLC - Ragnaroek (Extended Mix) - 9A - 138 Trance

Talla 2XLC - Ragnaroek (Radio Edit) - 9A - 138 Trance


For this particular release the pumping energetic basslines are combined with thick punchy kicks and on the top aggressive synthy riffs and choir voices develop its intensity and suspense leading to the long thrilling atmospheric breakdown with mouthwatering cinematic violins and orchestral strings along with opera choir voices and spoken male vocals narrating the events of Ragnaroek. The build up is cataclysmic bringing the highly energetic climax full of fantastic melodies, great epic synths and anthemic feel good sound for the ultimate trance experience. It's one of those tracks that successfully transcend your mind to another place to experience and play with your imagination. The gigantic Ragnaroek by Talla 2XLC is signed and delivered via That's Trance, your trusted supplier of high quality trance.

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Talla 2XLC - Ragnaroek (Extended Mix) - 9A - 138 Trance

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