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Talla 2XLC & Lyd14 - Killer Zone (That's Trance) Trance



TRANCE - Talla 2XLC and Lyd14 collaborate for the vocal uplifting Trancer Killer Zone on That’s Trance. Both artists are highly successful at the moment in the trance scene and Killer Zone is a skillful production with super solid tight foundation of throbbing drums, pounding driving bass-lines and tough kicks. The vocal shines early on and takes us by the hand towards the incredibly magical atmospheric breakdown. Soaring strings, melancholic piano chords and calming atmosphere is the perfect accompaniment for the infectious vocal performance by Lyd14 that stands-out and shines throughout this magnificent journey of energy and emotional ups and downs.

When the enormous bass-lines and bulldozer kick comes in it delivers the perfect climax that is very touching and extra powerful. Killer Zone is a magnificent vocal Trancer by Talla 2XLC and Lyd14 on That’s Trance. On release and streaming now via ZYX on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Beatport, Traxsource, Deezer, Tidal and Youtube Music...

Talla 2XLC & Lyd14 - Killer Zone (Ext Mix - 4A - 138 Trance

Talla 2XLC & Lyd14 - Killer Zone (Edit 4A - 138 Trance
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Talla 2XLC & Lyd14 - Killer Zone (Ext Mix 4A - 138 Trance)

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