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Temporary Hero - THIRSTY - Anticodon Recs (Circuit House-Club Dance)

Tracks 08.02.2019 **FREE TO BROADCAST**, Circuit House, Club Dance, Wavs n Mp3s


CIRCUIT HOUSE - CLUB DANCE - WAVS + MP3s - Temporary Hero’s new album QUENCH (22 Feb 2019) is what the artist is calling the most adventurous album to date. Taking the synth pop route to new heights, the first single THIRSTY gives a taste of what’s to come. Temporary Hero is Anticodon/Cool Zero’s top artist to date, having hit the Billboard charts, ranked up numerous dance floor hits yet continuing to bridge the pop, dance, and singer-songwriter realms with ease. THIRSTY is a stomper, somewhat reminiscent in tone of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus. A sexy, catchy tune for radio, it’s been pumped up by DrewG. for the dance floor.

Release Date Original version out now then the DrewG. remix out 27 Feb

Temporary Hero - Thirsty (DrewG Dirty Pop Remix 9A - 128 Circuit House
Temporary Hero - Thirsty (Extended Mix 9A - 127 Club Dance
Temporary Hero - Thirsty (Radio Edit 9A - 127 Club Dance

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Temporary Hero - Thirsty (DrewG Dirty Pop Remix 9A - 128 Circuit House

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