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The Audyssey ft Natalie Anne Garland - The Hunter - dotdotdot recs House-DeepFunky House

TRACKS (New) House (Funky-House)


KINGS ESSENTIAL NEW RELEASE - HOUSE - DEEP FUNKY HOUSE - CLUB DANCE VOCAL - Rarely, in Dance Electronic Music, do you find a bonafide band, but such is the case with The Audyssey, which is a collective of musicians born out of the hotbed of electronic music, just outside of Washington, DC. "The Hunter" out on New York's ...Records (dotdotdot Records) is a MAJOR TIP FOR YOU KINGS AT WMC 2017

Founded and lead by band members David Maunder (producer/keys/drums/vocals) and Alfredo Galtarossa (producer/keys/guitar/vocals), these Explorers of Electro House, Techno, Dubstep, Breakbeats, Drum & Bass, and more, have influences ranging from groups such as Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, OMD, Erasure, KMFDM, NIN, The Prodigy, The Crystal Method and The Chemical Brothers... to acts like Rusko, Nero, Chase & Status, Justice, SHM, just to name a few.

Maunder is classically trained on the piano, with an admiration for 80’s synth pop music, while Galtarossa comes from the world of punk rock and fashion. The collaboration has resulted in an explosion of Electronic Dance with catchy lyrics that evoke equal portions of emotion and body groovin’.

The band also features Natalie Anne Garland on lead vocals, who contributes tremendously to writing, plus performing alongside Mauder and Galtarossa as a “LIVE” band. In addition, The Audyssey have created a canvas for expanded creativity through artistic sounds with ethereal vocals.

Discovered by Dance Music and record labels’ legend Ramon Wells (...records / dotdotdotrecords, eightball records, empire state records, BOLD! Records, MCT/BOLD!, Area 10 Records, Cardiac Records, Nastymix Records: Sir Mix-A-Lot) who is also known for discovering acts such as MK (Marc Kinchen), Victor Calderone, etc. and being instrumental in the marketing and promoting for Astralwerks, Nettwerk, London/ffrr, including the Chemical Brothers, Moby, Perfecto, Joi Cardwell, Victor Calderone and many more. The partnership was inevitable, as the love for Electronic Dance Music was mutual between all parties.

​The first release will be AMORIS LA MACHINA and features the lead off single "The Hunter", you better beware, the Audyssey is coming to hunt you down. You better be 10 feet tall and bullet proof! ​To book The Audyssey, or want to review "AMORIS LA MACHINA" or to review "The Hunter" ...records contact:

The Audyssey ft Natalie A Garland - The Hunter 
(Cristian Poow - House Mix 3B 122 - House

The Audyssey ft Natalie A Garland - The Hunter 
(Saliva Commandos - Deep Dub Rmx 12A 124 - Deep Funky House

The Audyssey ft Natalie A Garland - The Hunter 
(Tegan Issartel - Radio Version 3B 104 - Club Dance Vocal

Twitter: @WellsRamon 
Facebook: Ramon F Wells and


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