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Thomas Irwin - Loves Touch - LA LA and Thomas Irwin ft Georgia Meek - Flame - One Seven Music-Orean Music Ltd



We present three recordings from the rising production skills of DJ Thomas Irwin with Loves Touch, LA LA and Flame which features Georgia Meek. The Brazilian dance floor erupting celebration of LA LA evokes the magical vibrations of Carnival time. All songs are streaming on Apple Music and Spotify with Flame available on Traxsource for DJs. Recommended by Kings and distributed by Horus Music in the UK..

Thomas Irwin - LALA - 9A - 126 Big Room Club House

Thomas Irwin - Loves Touch - 5A - 128 Big Room Club House

Thomas Irwin ft Georgia Meek - Flame - 7A - 128 Club House


Thomas Irwin - LA LA - One Seven Music
Thomas Irwin - When I first started LA LA, it was just a simple hooky melody, but after playing a football game on my phone and hearing samba music, I had the crazy idea to hire a samba choir to sing this melody. I then recorded a range of trumpets before using organic samba percussion as a bed for the track. I wrote a vocal melody which has a call and response feel with the LA’s and I knew I had to get The High to sing on this. The song has got a pumping carnival vibe with the Brazilian chant and Brass stabs.


Thomas Irwin - Loves Touch - Orean Music Ltd
Loves Touch is a song about romance and how far you will go for someone. It’s the song that will be played after the sun has set and things want to turn more dirty whether this is driving at night or partying in Ibiza.
Loves Touch is a real 2024 fuse of Afro-house and Mainstage dance (featuring vocoder, slap bass, and gospel choirs). It’s the song you play when its time to turn the crowd up, or get the romantic night started!


Thomas Irwin ft Georgia Meek - Flame - One Seven Music
A rhythmic intro heralds Georgia Meeks vocal “when your soul lights up in flames, we keep turning through the pain, all the blood inside my brains keep me dancing..” underscored by a 128 bpm construction of driving pianos, synths, bass and rhythm”


Thomas Irwin - LALA - 9A - 126 Big Room Party House

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