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Upamanyu Mukherjee - Negotiating Oxytocin album (Alt Pop - Alt Club Dance)


ALT POP - VOCAL POP - POP DANCE - Upamanyu Mukherjee’s - Negotiating Oxytocin: An AltPop album of disarming honesty. Negotiating Oxytocin, the debut album of 16-year-old Pune-based composer, lyricist, and singer Upamanyu Mukherjee, debuted at No.1 on the iTunes Top 100 Albums in India Chart on 12 August. The album, which stayed in the Top 10 over the weekend, has been co-produced by Mukherjee and is placed in the emerging Alternative Pop, Alt Rock and Experimental Pop genres. It comprises seven tracks that address a range of subject matter from poignant love to alienation to passion.

The album is already being perceived as an innovative work in English language music, thanks to the three singles already released. “Remarkable songwriting for one so young,” says Mastering Engineering Donal Whelan of Hafod Mastering, Wales. Mukherjee’s co-producer, Onkar Tarkase, an established sound engineer and producer with 15 years of experience under his belt feels the album reflects the originality of Mukherjee’s personality. “The album captures the depths of emotions Upamanyu has dealt with. He brings really different soundscapes if the songs demand it and the originality of his thought comes through his production and design,” Onkar elaborates.

Built around Upamanyu’s innovative songwriting and new-age approach to composition and production, the songs are further embellished by his deep baritone vocals. The disarming honesty of the lyrics are well complemented by the earnest and non-conventional vocal delivery, resulting in songs that are likely to strike a chord with listeners searching for alternative perspectives on negotiating matters of the heart. Three of the songs (Friend, Lonely and I Love You) were released as singles in 2022-23 and received support from a spectrum of listeners, digital radio reviewers and play-listers, who praised the young artist for his soulful vocals, and powerful lyrics.

Talking about his journey, Upamanyu says, “I have been writing songs and composing tunes since I was 9. In 2022 I got around to releasing a single and then two more this year. But in March, when my family asked “are you really a musician?” I realized I don’t have to wait till I am in my 20’s to start producing albums.

So I decided to commit and do a complete album instead of releasing a single at a time, which is a safe path to keep exploring different career options.”. Regarding the album, he feels, “Each song is different, deals with different emotions. I hope that the songs I sing help other people get through what they’re going through, and if they are feeling the same as me, they’ll know that they’re not alone.”

Negotiating Oxytocin is distributed worldwide by Horus Music and accompanied by an animated music video for the track, 7:55.


Upamanyu Mukherjee - 7.55 - 4A - 95 Alt Pop

Upamanyu Mukherjee - Fallen - 11A - 92 Vocal Pop

Upamanyu Mukherjee - For You - 8B - 127 Vocal Pop

Upamanyu Mukherjee - Friend - 4A - 104 Vocal Pop

Upamanyu Mukherjee - I Love You - 6B - 125 Alt Club Dance

Upamanyu Mukherjee - Lonely - 7B - 130 Pop Dance

Upamanyu Mukherjee - Smithereens - 1B - 110 Pop Ballad

Album Credits
Lyrics: Upamanyu Mukherjee
Compositions: Upamanyu Mukherjee
Vocals: Upamanyu Mukherjee
Piano: Upamanyu Mukherjee
Guitars: Onkar Tarkase
Harmony Vocals: Onkar Tarkase, Upamanyu Mukherjee Percussion Programming: Onkar Tarkase, Upamanyu Mukherjee Sound & Mixing Engineer: Onkar Tarkase
Mastering Engineer: Donal Whelan
Music Producers: Upamanyu Mukherjee, Onkar Tarkase Executive Producers: Suma Mukherjee, Sanjay Mukherjee
Additional musician credits on tracks:
Percussion on Smithereens: Abhishek Kate
Strings on For You and Smithereens: Gaurav Korgaonkar Bass on Fallen, Friend, Smithereens: Amit Gadgil Rhythm Guitar on Fallen: Upamanyu Mukherjee
Lead Guitar on Fallen: Onkar Tarkase
The album is accompanied by three official animated music videos and seven lyric videos.
Digitally mastered at Hafod Mastering, St Hilary, Cowbridge CF71 7DP, Wales, United Kingdom, UK.
Copyright (C) 2023 Upamanyu Mukherjee
Publishing rights (P) 2023 Suma Mukherjee and Sanjay Mahendrakumar Mukherjee All Rights Reserved.


Upamanyu Mukherjee - 7.55 - 4A - 95 Alt Pop

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