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YayRaven ft Mhyst - I Won’t Go Away (B-Litt Music) Club House



CLUB HOUSE - WAVs + MP3s - Emerging songwriter, YayRaven, teams up with Mhyst to release a groovy and uplifting Club House single "I Won’t Go Away" with distribution via Distrokid. The single features vocals by Mhyst and delivers a catchy, uplifting melody with groovy synths, a driving bassline, and soothing vocals. YayRaven and Mhyst deliver a song that takes us on a musical journey. Out on B-Litt Music now.

YayRaven ft Mhyst - I Won't Go Away (Remix 1B - 120 Club House

YayRaven ft Mhyst - I Won't Go Away (Dub Remix 1A - 120 Club House

About YayRaven

YayRaven is an up-and-coming songwriter residing in London, England. Since the age of eight years old, YayRaven has shown the world the natural talent of songwriting. Unknowingly, she already had it within her to write songs that would captivate people.

Fast-forwarding to today, YayRaven is teaming up with the best vocalists and producers to deliver music that will make heads turn. With a distinctive knack at creating music, YayRaven continues to impress with the releases. As a songwriter, the British artist is someone to keep an eye on as she is set to continue to release unique, emotional, and catchy songs.


YayRaven ft Mhyst "I Won't Go Away"
live on Spotify


YayRaven ft Mhyst - I Won't Go Away (Remix 1B - 120 Club House

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