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Zachary Charles Skinner - Getgo (Red Ant) Electro Funk-Deep Club



ELECTRO FUNK - DEEP CLUB - CHILLIN SOUL - CHILLIN LOUNGE - KINGS QUOTE "The Electro FUNK remix is Kraftwerk awesome, check it out loud, ditto the Peter Bones remix on a Deep Club creation". Renegade rhymer Zachary Charles Skinner is back with his 2nd Red Ant release. ‘Getgo’ tells the story of the quintessential London party girl. The one who has broken the heart of many a Rock & Roll chancer who pushed his luck a little too far.

Red Ant delivers 4 remixes after the original came on Blaggers Records; the main man Pete Bones gives up an underground looping downtempo monster,  San Francisco based Producer Jazzual Suspects delivers 2 wicked deep funk remakes, and Austin’s Disappear serves up a darker dirtier melon twister. Release is Oct 30th through iTunes, beatport and all the usual outlets.

Zachary Charles Skinner - Getgo (Disappear Remix 9A - 94 Electro FUNK

Zachary Charles Skinner - Getgo (Pete Bones Remix 6A - 113 Deep Club

Zachary Charles Skinner - Getgo (Jazzual Suspects Relik Remix (explicit) 2A - 94 Chillin Soul

Zachary Charles Skinner - Getgo (Jazzual Suspects Remix (explicit) 2A - 94 Chillin Lounge

Release date. Spotify, iTunes, Oct 30th 2019

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