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Zahra Deljoui - Love is Love, Better Without You, Ghost Town, Pink Moon (Horus Music) Pop Anthems-Club Dance-Electronic Dance


Before reading below, which seriously you probably don’t have the time to do, please know this. Hearing Zahra Deljoui’s songs is exactly the same experience as being presented with Lorde’s debut album “Pure Heroine” and its global #1 “Royals”. For a quick sample to question if Zahra is deserving of more of your time go straight to “Ghost Town”, like the first sip of a new wine, the world stops for a moment and the curiosity of the entire contents of the glass starts to pull you in. Zahra Deljoui songs here will radiate with millions, maybe eventually billions, of music lovers who are raising an eyebrow at the unpredictable ground their lives are walking on in 2023. Love Is Love essentially, Pink Moon is over too soon and this music is definitely NOT Better Without You sharing it to the music lovers around you. Give your music loving ears a few moments of these glorious songs. Out via Horus Music through Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify now. For your consideration…


Zahra Deljoui - Better Without You (Original Mix - 2A - 122 Pop Anthem

Zahra Deljoui - Ghost Town 9A - 115 Pop Anthem

Zahra Deljoui - Love is Love (Maydenfield Remix) - 10A - 150 Club Dance

Zahra Deljoui - Love Is Love (PLUSHY - Remix) - 10A - 150 Electronic Dance

Zahra Deljoui - Pink Moon (Jonatan Bäckelie Remix) - 9A - 126 Electronic Dance

Zahra Deljoui - Better Without You (Indecent Pop Remix) - 1A - 158 Pop Dance

Zahra Deljoui, an up and coming LGBTQIA+ artist in the world of alt pop music, has announced the release of her latest single “Love is Love." the much-anticipated song, highlights the prevalent problem of homophobia that still exists today and the importance of inclusion and acceptance.

Zahra Deljoui embarked on her solo artist journey late in 2022 with the release of her debut single “Pink Moon'. She comes from a background of synth pop/bedroom pop bands but has moved towards a more alt- pop/glitch-pop sound for her solo project.

‘Pink Moon' was used as the soundtrack for the #nowiknow campaign run by the National Autistic Society, Ogilvy & Alex Heron from Rankin. Raising awareness for the late diagnosis of women & non-binary people within the autistic community.

During an interview with the team Zahra played them, the then, unreleased ‘Pink Moon' and they instantly wanted to use the song as the soundtrack for the campaign. Following the success of the campaign Zahra got her story published in diva, one of the worlds leading magazines for LGBTQIA & non-binary people.

Her single ‘Better Without You', was written & produced by Zahra. Its the first of Zahra's songs that made it onto an editorial playlist in Germany & Austria - Apple Music - neu in pop (new in pop), "which feels incredibly empowering for a song about gaslighting".

Records that fit nicely in the libraries of fans of Julia Micheals, King Princess, Fletcher & Tove Lo. Raw vocals, emotive lyrics & music that makes you feel something.

Future releases reflect on her lived experience as a British-Iranian queer artist.




Zahra Deljoui - Better Without You (Original Mix - 2A - 122 Pop Anthem

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