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Tracks - Beach House

Dreadlox Holmes - I Live 2 Party - Havavision (Soulful Funk-Jazz Funk)

Tracks Beach House, Jazz Funk, KINGS RECOMMENDED, Soulful Funk - 28.08.2017
Dreadlox Holmes - I Live 2 Party - Havavision (Soulful Funk-Jazz Funk) SOULFUL FUNK - JAZZ FUNK - Think Pharrell Williams with a spoonful of classic British Jazz Funk from those halcyon days to get the feel for this glorious summer release on Havavision with their top artists Dreadlox Holmes who Lives 2 Party and puts that vibe perfectly into his production. The French Horns mix is an instrumental with so many influences including Jazz Funk, Tropical House, Beach Bar House. Out on release through all major online retailers with recommendation from Kings.

Anthony Poteat - Coming Up - W.T.T.W. (Soulful House)

Anthony Poteat - Coming Up - W.T.T.W. (Soulful House) KING'S ESSENTIAL SOULFUL HOUSE - LORDY LORDY THIS IS A GORGEOUS MOMENT IN THE SUMMER OF 2017 - 'Coming Up' is song is taken from Anthony Poteat's album C'Mon, Ah, Hey, Yeah produced by Benjamin Kristof Rakun - BKR Ben just sent us his Club Edit of the next Anthony Poteat's song coming on his label WTTW... This version is so amazing with a rich instrumentation (splendid guitar, delicious keys) matching perfectly the beautiful vocal recording from Anthony. The label also delivers an exclusive Kings Of Spins Sax Mix for the Soulful Kings Review by Manutek Mix Collectors: SIMPLY SUPERB SOULFUL HOUSE FOR THE KINGS OF DANCE MUSIC

Madison Park "Don't Let Go" basicLUX Recs (Soulful House-Beach House)

Tracks #CLUB DANCE, Beach House, KINGS RECOMMENDED - 23.05.2017
Madison Park "Don't Let Go" basicLUX Recs (Soulful House-Beach House) KINGS ESSENTIAL SOULFUL HOUSE - BEACH HOUSE - CLUB DANCE - basicLUX Records deliver the wonderfully summery "Don't Let Go" by Madison with sublime mixes especially from Jan Areno (Soulful House), the Original Mix (Beach House) and the Wayne Numan (Club Dance). Perfect for Ibiza's sunset people and Rio, Bondi, Goa, South Beach, Koh Samui - you get the picture. On release Friday 26th May just in time for the full summer season.

Andy Craig ft Eileen Jaime - Tu Eres - Shivar (Soulful House-Jazzy Deep House)

Tracks #JAZZY HOUSE, Beach House, House (Tech-House), KINGS RECOMMENDED - 08.05.2017
Andy Craig ft Eileen Jaime - Tu Eres - Shivar (Soulful House-Jazzy Deep House) KINGS ESSENTIAL NEW TUNE - SEXY SOULFUL HOUSE - JAZZY DEEP HOUSE - TECH HOUSE - BALEARIC HOUSE - Andy Craig teams up with Eileen Jaime for this wonderful summer hit. Eileen has recently been working with Avicii but this is the first of 3 records that she has recorded with Andy. With perfect Spanish vocals and lush chords, it is easy to see why this record is already causing a bit of a fuss over in Ibiza. Remixes from 2involved and Benè Marshall make up this great single. Ibiza is coming alive for 2017 and this will get played to the heavens there. RECOMMENDED BY KINGS

Rocco Bene - The Day You Went Away - Booshu Recs (House-Prog Hse)

Tracks #CLUB HOUSE, #JAZZY HOUSE, #PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, Beach House - 01.05.2017
Rocco Bene - The Day You Went Away - Booshu Recs (House-Prog Hse) DEEP JAZZY HOUSE - DEEP CLUB HOUSE - BEACH HOUSE - PROGRESSIVE HOUSE - Rocco Bene's remake of "The Day You Went Away" has given this classic song a whole new contemporary spin. Bene's vocal delivery captures the tragic moment when his life tragically imitated art. Rocco says "Recording a remake can be daunting, especially with such an emotional and vocally enthralling song as the original version by Wendy Matthews. So I was keen to pay attention to ensure this remake delivered the respect that the song deserved. I recorded this cover of Wendy Matthews' song during a dark period in my life that would significantly impact and change it forever. My cover of ‘The Day You Went Away' is dedicated to the ones you love and a celebration of life. This is dedicated to my beautiful mum who's now an angel by my side." Rocco totally owns this cover supported by remixes from Beth Yen, Sunset Child, Marcus Knight and Nic Noble. Sincerely presented by Kings