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Anthony Poteat - Coming Up - W.T.T.W. (Soulful House) Tracks - Beach House, DEEP HOUSE, HOUSE, KINGS ESSENTIAL SOULFUL HOUSE, RECOMMENDED, SOULFUL HOUSE - 20.06.2017

Anthony Poteat - Coming Up - W.T.T.W. (Soulful House) KING'S ESSENTIAL SOULFUL HOUSE - LORDY LORDY THIS IS A GORGEOUS MOMENT IN THE SUMMER OF 2017 - 'Coming Up' is song is taken from Anthony Poteat's album C'Mon, Ah, Hey, Yeah produced by Benjamin Kristof Rakun - BKR Ben just sent us his Club Edit of the next Anthony Poteat's song coming on his label WTTW... This version is so amazing with a rich instrumentation (splendid guitar, delicious keys) matching perfectly the beautiful vocal recording from Anthony. The label also delivers an exclusive Kings Of Spins Sax Mix for the Soulful Kings Review by Manutek Mix Collectors: SIMPLY SUPERB SOULFUL HOUSE FOR THE KINGS OF DANCE MUSIC