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Tracks - Future Dub

Nathassia - Light of the World (album sampler) Future Dub-Lounge-DnB

Tracks Drum and Bass, Electronic, Electronic Dub, Future Dub, Future Lounge - 27.04.2017
Nathassia - Light of the World (album sampler) Future Dub-Lounge-DnB FUTURE DUB, DRUM N BASS, FUTURE LOUNGE, ELECTRO CLUB, ELECTRONIC DUB - On the brink of her first full show on May 5th in London, Nathassia, whom we've adored on Kings from her first releases for her ability to step out amazingly to her own music path, releases her debut album "Light Of The World" on Inter-Dimensional Recordings. Audaciously crafted electronica at its best, produced by Grammy award winning writer/producer Bruce Elliott-Smith, with a unique vocal style, a mix of East and West just like her. Ten extraordinary poignant songs about the dark and light mysteries that influence the world around us. Here are 6 tracks to present to your audiences as a glimpse into the future world 2018 and beyond from the super talented Nathassia truly a Light of the World. Recommended by Kings of Spins..