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TRACKS (New) - Pop

Raquela - These Tears - RE Music (Club Dance) TRACKS (New) - Club Dance, Pop - 09.12.2017

Raquela - These Tears - RE Music (Club Dance) CLUB DANCE - POP - American Dance music recording artist, Raquela, has been storming the dance charts worldwide since 1999 with Dance hits like “Falling” (Chris The Greek), to “Nothin’ More To give” (House Godfather legend, Mickey Oliver) and "Summertime" (HOP Music). Today she brings a fresh cross-over pop sound in her career with “These Tears”. Raquela said, “This project has brought me so much satisfaction with my new-found writing collaboration with Pop recording artist, Xavier Toscano ("Apologies Wasted", "Never Wanna Leave", "Runaway"). This is going to be a seriously exciting release.” The song was best described as “…trying not to reveal vulnerability during a heart-break.” Meanwhile, you can hear ironic undertones in Raquela’s sensual and beautiful voice ‘crying’ in this epic performance. “These Tear’s” is scheduled for release in Oct. 2017. Get this track. Get it now! This EP Single is expected to hit the digital retail markets with 7 EDM remixes, giving everyone a total of 16 incredible mixes! Included in the remix line-up are fellow Billboard charters, Klubjumpers, including Qubiq and San Francisco favorite, Jeff Morena, plus MORE. Award-winning filmmaker and editor, Jethro Patalinghug presents a damaged yet seductively hunting music video that will be introduced to the masses as well so look out for it at your nearest club.

Ani K and Chardy - Let Me Catch Up - Booshu Recs (Trap-Pop) TRACKS (New) - Pop, Trap - 24.11.2017

Ani K and Chardy - Let Me Catch Up - Booshu Recs (Trap-Pop) TRAP - POP VOCAL - THE CLEAN UP MIX IS EXCELLENT - Ani K (Ani Karu) is the 14 year old Perth teen, still raising the bar as an independent by gaining massive support from Commercial radio and Grand broadcasters with her last single Plan B. For Ani’s latest release, "Let Me Catch Up", she has teamed up with ARIA and Beatport chart topping DJ/producer Chardy. "Let Me Catch Up" Discusses about the ever-standing teen issue of waiting and trying not growing up too fast. This remix bundle from DJ Chardy is ahead of the official single release.

King Solomon - Happiness - KSM (Pop-RnB) TRACKS (New) - Pop, R-n-B - 05.11.2017

King Solomon - Happiness - KSM (Pop-RnB) POP - R&B - King Solomon has performed live opening up for Queen Omega in Trinidad, Turbulence at the Fish Fry Festival in North London, Linval Thompson at the Hootananny In Brixton, Kwakoe Festival with Empress Messenger Sound (Donna Lee) Holland, DJ Warlord Ostende Belgium, U.K Talent Rain finalist in Bromley Town Hall and countless street shows. The brand new single from 'King Solomon Musiq' is called 'Happiness' and is out now.

Adonis - My Different Lover - Upperhouse Recs (RnB) TRACKS (New) - Pop, R-n-B - 16.10.2017

Adonis - My Different Lover - Upperhouse Recs (RnB) CLASSIC R&B - Adonis is a U.S.A based singer, published songwriter, musician/arranger and producer whose new album is entitled “The Genies’ Out The Bottle” featuring the single ‘My Different Lover’.

Temporary Hero - We are Still Here - Anticodon (Vocal Pop Message) TRACKS (New) - Pop - 05.10.2017

Temporary Hero - We are Still Here - Anticodon (Vocal Pop Message) Temporary Hero - We're Still Here (Aún Estamos Aquí) - A SONG FOR PUERTO RICO - Temporary Hero again addresses in song the continuous barrage of inequity, racism, and utter disregard for humanity present in the TRUMP administration. This song was written and recorded just two days ago and addresses Trump’s blatant disregard of and discrimination against the people of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria as well as his lack of empathy for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. When will this ever end?

Paul Oxley - Rain In The Summer - Starshape (Pop) TRACKS (New) - Pop - 30.09.2017

Paul Oxley - Rain In The Summer - Starshape (Pop) POP VOCAL - Great slice of Pop music superbly produced. Manchester born Paul Oxley is an English Singer/ Songwriter/Lyricist living in Helsinki Finland.

He is well known as the lead singer/ songwriter of Anglo/US/ Finnish band 'Paul Oxley's Unit' who's first album 'Living in the Western World' went platinum in Finland spending a record 17 weeks at the number one spot and the band have had a stream of successful albums since then. Paul's songs; 'Terry's Inside' and 'Spanish Bars' are both included in the top 100 songs of all time in Finland.


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