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Tracks - #POP VOCAL

Temporary Hero - JUMP - Anticodon Recs (House Remixes)

Temporary Hero - JUMP - Anticodon Recs (House Remixes) HOUSE - SWEET POP VOCAL - AIFs + MP3s - Real House remixes from Dan Thomas and a sweet pop vocal original from the prolific US act Temporary Hero who another album on the way this Fall... a full double album called "VIBES" and previews that release with this uplifting song JUMP. The original is exuberant and empowering. Big recommendation from Kings...

Dinley Jones - Fire - Booshu (R & B Pop Vocal-HIT)

Tracks #POP VOCAL, #R-n-B, **GOING FOR AIRPLAY** - 28.05.2019
Dinley Jones - Fire - Booshu (R & B Pop Vocal-HIT) R & B POP VOCAL HIT - KINGS ROYAL TIP - ACAPELLA VOCALS FOR REMIXING - Dinley Jones is an eccentric and an electric performer who bounces around the stage like a bag of Popping Candy! When Dinley performs, he is visually intriguing. His pop is sweet, it’s funky, smooth and classy. It might remind Gen X of Jamiroquai from the 90s. Though he’s unapologetic about being Australian. Not too suave and he can dance as you’ve never seen any Australian frontman do! Dinley and his music are all about being free and being OK with who you are. He is a true individual.

Stephen Chivers - The Day I Said Goodbye (Mothers Day Ballad)

Tracks #Ballad, #POP VOCAL, **FREE TO BROADCAST** - 13.05.2019
Stephen Chivers - The Day I Said Goodbye (Mothers Day Ballad) BALLAD SONG - A ballad song to remember and commemorate the devotion of the artist's Mother who was taken by cancer. A bittersweet emotional tribute. Words and music, Stephen Chivers. "The Day I Said Goodbye" describes how I felt during and leading up to losing my mother to cancer". Shared on Mothers Day in North America to acknowledge that every day is Mothers Day in truth.

Olivia Farr - If You Could Read My Mind - Farrout Records - Pop Dance

Tracks #POP VOCAL, **FREE TO BROADCAST** - 25.03.2019
Olivia Farr - If You Could Read My Mind - Farrout Records - Pop Dance POP DANCE - Olivia celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Gordon Lightfoot's Billboard #1 folk-pop song with a new POP Dance Mix. Olivia wanted to create a version true to the original song. She used all the lyrics with folk-pop guitar riffs and disco POP beats - 127 BPM. The track was produced by Yaniv Gabay and Olivia. Engineer Avi Avliav. Riffs by guitar god of the "Sunset Strip" Yohai Portal. The lyric video is a homage to Studio 54 in days of disco music and free "spirits" partying. Also, we are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Viola Willis' disco version (The anthem for Studio 54). The disco version used part of the original song to create the amazing dance track. It is also the 20th anniversary of the Stars on 54 version performed for the motion picture 54. Hoping you love it. Farrout Records.

Jonny Jack - Give It All - Long Gone - AWAL (Pop Vocal)

Tracks #POP VOCAL, **GOING FOR AIRPLAY** - 18.03.2019
Jonny Jack - Give It All - Long Gone - AWAL (Pop Vocal) NEW ARTIST - NEW EP RELEASE - POP VOCAL - Having been ensconced in the studio working on his forthcoming debut album due later this year, London based indie-pop singer-songwriter, Jonny Jack preempts the release with a brand new emotive track ‘Long Gone’, once again portraying Jack’s knack for acoustic guitar led music bristling with soul, youthful vigour and big tent pop hooks. Jonny Jack creates naked, hooky, soul pop.

K-Syran - Carefree Careless - Intimacy (Club House)

Tracks #CLUB HOUSE, #POP VOCAL, #WAVs + MP3s, **GOING FOR AIRPLAY** - 05.03.2019
K-Syran - Carefree Careless - Intimacy (Club House) CLUB HOUSE - POP VOCAL - WAVs + MP3s - K-Syran follows up 2018s monumental success with billboard charting singles such as Shake that Booty and Dizzy to NRJ hit Amoureuse with her brand new offering for 2019 called Carefree Careless, an infectious slice of pop heaven featuring K-Syran's sultry vocals seducing the listener in to hitting that repeat button. Perfect for those Carefree Careless days. With remixes from Intimacy Records favourite Dan Thomas and Music Video directed by award winning UCA head honcho Leon Mitchell, Carefree Careless is shaping up to K-Syran's most significant offering to date. 2019 Intimacy Records by K-Syran