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TRACKS (New) - R-n-B

Dr Snizz - Stand Tall - EY3 Recs (Future Pop-RnB) TRACKS (New) - Future Pop, R-n-B - 22.02.2018

Dr Snizz - Stand Tall - EY3 Recs (Future Pop-RnB) Future Pop - R&B - Dr. Snizz a.k.a Uche Thompson is a Medical Dr, rapper, singer and songwriter. Dr. Snizz started out in the choir, singing and playing the piano. He grew up listening to Bob Marley, Luther Vandross and is influenced by Tu Pac, Joe, Eminem and a host of others. His style of music cuts across rap, Rn'B, and Afro pop, characterised by melodious tunes and thought provoking lyrics. Dr. Snizz has worked with local artists in the UK and his home country of Nigeria. Dr Snizz has performed at the popular Felabration, an annual afrobeat music festival celebrating the legendary Fela Anikulapo-kuti as well as at fashion shows and local gigs. Dr. Snizz is currently working on his latest album, featuring UK artists with producer Jay Hindle of EY3 studios and Frank Awei. The brand new single 'Stand tall' from Dr Snizz was produced by Jay Hindley of EY3 Records and is out now on Snizz Records with worldwide distribution via Universal Music.

Rae Stewart - Be Down - NorthSide Media Ent (RnB) TRACKS (New) - R-n-B - 31.01.2018

Rae Stewart - Be Down - NorthSide Media Ent (RnB) R & B - Cool and sassy - Over some retro R&B sounds, the excellent Rae Stewart opens up on her first single ’Be Down’ an open heart pledge to a friend that states she’s ready to take their previously platonic relationship to the next level. In the tradition of classic R&B Miss Stewart lays her heart on the line, openly expressing feelings while ultimately demanding her love be taken seriously. So guys "Be Down, be cool, don't be dropping out of love's high school".. Recommended by Kings.

Wingtip - Cross Your Mind ft. Morgxn (remixes) Casablanca (House-Club House) TRACKS (New) - Club House, HOUSE, KINGS COOL CUT, R-n-B - 16.11.2017

Wingtip - Cross Your Mind ft. Morgxn (remixes) Casablanca (House-Club House) KINGS COOL CUT - WINGTIP CRAFTS A TALE OF LOVE & LIGHT IN MUSIC VIDEO FOR “CROSS YOUR MIND” [PREMIERE] MATTHEW MEADOW - YourEDM - NOVEMBER 13, 2017 - "Falling in love is like a drug. You feel happy for no reason, you might experience the shakes or even uncontrollable flailing of the extremities at times, you find yourself unable to concentrate or even form coherent thoughts. It’s an incredible thing. The concept of “love” has been examined and told in art and media for centuries, millennia… with such a complex concept, multiple interpretations are inevitable. Personally, I really find myself connecting with this one from Wingtip, in the music video for his song “Cross Your Mind” featuring Morgxn.

King Solomon - Happiness - KSM (Pop-RnB) TRACKS (New) - Pop, R-n-B - 05.11.2017

King Solomon - Happiness - KSM (Pop-RnB) POP - R&B - King Solomon has performed live opening up for Queen Omega in Trinidad, Turbulence at the Fish Fry Festival in North London, Linval Thompson at the Hootananny In Brixton, Kwakoe Festival with Empress Messenger Sound (Donna Lee) Holland, DJ Warlord Ostende Belgium, U.K Talent Rain finalist in Bromley Town Hall and countless street shows. The brand new single from 'King Solomon Musiq' is called 'Happiness' and is out now.

Gina Carey - Kissed by The Sun - Gico Music (Soul) TRACKS (New) - KINGS COOL CUT, R-n-B, SOUL - 23.10.2017

Gina Carey - Kissed by The Sun - Gico Music (Soul) SOUL - R & B - Kings very own Queen Of Soul, Gina Carey delivers a poignant, deeply affecting song with one of her best performances as she richly matures into the amazing artist breathing inside her soul. "Kissed By The Sun" and the music Gods too. Let her voice wash over your spirit and feel her truth. Bless you Gina Carey.

Adonis - My Different Lover - Upperhouse Recs (RnB) TRACKS (New) - Pop, R-n-B - 16.10.2017

Adonis - My Different Lover - Upperhouse Recs (RnB) CLASSIC R&B - Adonis is a U.S.A based singer, published songwriter, musician/arranger and producer whose new album is entitled “The Genies’ Out The Bottle” featuring the single ‘My Different Lover’.

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