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Tracks - #R-n-B

El Moses - Elephant In The Room (Future R&B-Soul)

El Moses - Elephant In The Room (Future R&B-Soul) FUTURE R&B - AIFFs + MP3s + WAVs - Slick production from producer/artist El Moses on this melody filled song, "Elephant In The Room", about an attractive member of the female persuasion who is completely oblivious to the change of energy her appearance causes as she walks into view. Or is she? does she thrive on the power she exudes over the guys present? Lets allow El Moses, who we will no doubt hear much more music from, to part the waters of confusion and reveal all. Out now on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Google Play & Napster. Recommended by Kings

Dinley Jones - Fire - Booshu (R & B Pop Vocal-HIT)

Tracks #POP VOCAL, #R-n-B, **GOING FOR AIRPLAY** - 28.05.2019
Dinley Jones - Fire - Booshu (R & B Pop Vocal-HIT) R & B POP VOCAL HIT - KINGS ROYAL TIP - ACAPELLA VOCALS FOR REMIXING - Dinley Jones is an eccentric and an electric performer who bounces around the stage like a bag of Popping Candy! When Dinley performs, he is visually intriguing. His pop is sweet, it’s funky, smooth and classy. It might remind Gen X of Jamiroquai from the 90s. Though he’s unapologetic about being Australian. Not too suave and he can dance as you’ve never seen any Australian frontman do! Dinley and his music are all about being free and being OK with who you are. He is a true individual.

Bostan feat. Zara - Ocean Skies - Aura Records (Club R&B Dance)


Cardi B and Bruno Mars - Please Me - Atlantic Recs (RnB Dance)

Tracks #AIRPLAY RECOMMENDATION, #R-n-B, RAP - 20.02.2019
Cardi B and Bruno Mars - Please Me - Atlantic Recs (RnB Dance) R&B DANCE - RAP - Heavyweights CARDI B and BRUNO MARS team up again after their "Finesse" success to take over Radio and Streaming with their "PLEASE ME" release for Atlantic Records coming clean and naughty in the mixes. New York born CARDI B is hotter than a Carolina Reaper chilli right now and that's the spiciest in the world. Recommended by Kings...

Swt Valli Hi - Threats - Eighteen ( RnB - Future Soul)

Tracks #AIRPLAY RECOMMENDATION, #R-n-B, Future Soul - 19.02.2019
Swt Valli Hi - Threats - Eighteen ( RnB - Future Soul) KINGS ESSENTIAL R&B - NU SOUL - WAV + MP3 - "THREATS" is a single release as part of an EP from this amazingly talented globe trotting female artist known as SWT VALLI HI - put simply if you played Emily Sandé's songs you will love this girl's songs too. Fully recommended by Kings

Binky Womack - Next Of Kin album sampler (Soul-Funk-RnB)Bindelari

Tracks #R-n-B, #SOUL - 19.12.2018
Binky Womack - Next Of Kin album sampler (Soul-Funk-RnB)Bindelari SOUL FUNK R&B - ALBUM SAMPLER - If there was such a thing as pop music 'royalty', the Womack Dynasty would certainly be there right at the top! Song writing giant Bobby Womack, had a stellar career as a solo artist, and - back in the 60s - as a member of The Valentinos, provided the Rolling Stones with their first great signature song, 'It's All Over Now' in June 1964. Then there was Cecil Womack who not only made some wonderful solo records, but formed a magical duo, 'Womack & Womack' with his wife, Linda, who - being Sam Cooke's daughter - is soul music royalty in her own right. They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and in the case of the Womack family, this is certainly true. Because, there is a new apple on the Womack tree; his name is Binky! A few years back, he released a magical album called 'Womack Style' and now he is back. The album is called, 'Next of Kin', which is entirely appropriate, considering that this album is 100% true Womack, through and through. The bluesy guitar riffing reminds one of the Valentinos, whereas the gorgeous, sultry, sexy sound of the vocals could not have been produced by a musician from any other family. This record is pure, Womack, bliss!