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Tracks - ROCK

Loz Tinitoz - Diese Zeit - ES&L Ent (Deutsch Rock)

Tracks #DJ-SHOP.DE, ROCK - 23.03.2020
Loz Tinitoz - Diese Zeit - ES&L Ent (Deutsch Rock) Deutsch Rock - Between Tinder dates, daily work life and watching Netflix is a huge gap called loneliness in a life of a single. About this gap is that personal song by singer Timo Januschewski who sings about his current time.

Djuno - No Glass Falls-Howling (Alt-Rock Anthems)

Tracks Alternative, ROCK - 18.12.2018
Djuno - No Glass Falls-Howling (Alt-Rock Anthems) TWO ALT-INDIE ROCK ANTHEMS IN THE WAITING - "NO GLASS FALLS" & "HOWLING" - WAVs & MP3's - Freakin idiot I am, I've been sitting on these two songs after a huge transAtlantic return then tonight they have just EXPLODED in my head - I know what I like in Rock music old or new, was into The War On Drugs with their Lost In The Dream album, now Grammy known. These two Djuno recordings are as tightly-spun as the world is now socially, full of tension, melancholy, fearfully hopeful it can move past 2020 without its vision impaired for the future by raging old lunatics. "Hold me hold me" she implores on "No Glass Falls" as the guitars lick-up a storm of distorted melodies. "Your howling for someone to hold you", yes internally those born circa 2000 are "Howling" inside - the planet's "Howling" from the oceans to the Amazon. Put your headphones on and inject into a maelstrom of magic. Djuno from Southampton, a year into their journey, are like U2 and Nirvana at their early best, hungry and full of unbridled axis splitting energy.

Eljuri - BangBang - Original Mix - Manovill Records (Pop vocal)

Tracks #POP DANCE, Alt Pop, ROCK - 14.11.2018
Eljuri - BangBang - Original Mix - Manovill Records (Pop vocal) BILINGUAL POP VOCAL - POWERFUL MELODY -Eljuri releases her award winning single "BangBang", chosen as a winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Contest in the World category. Eljuri's provocative bilingual music video and song is a artist's plea to the world against non-stop Gun Violence.