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Tracks - ROCK

Djuno - No Glass Falls-Howling (Alt-Rock Anthems)

Tracks Alternative, ROCK - 18.12.2018
Djuno - No Glass Falls-Howling (Alt-Rock Anthems) TWO ALT-INDIE ROCK ANTHEMS IN THE WAITING - "NO GLASS FALLS" & "HOWLING" - WAVs & MP3's - Freakin idiot I am, I've been sitting on these two songs after a huge transAtlantic return then tonight they have just EXPLODED in my head - I know what I like in Rock music old or new, was into The War On Drugs with their Lost In The Dream album, now Grammy known. These two Djuno recordings are as tightly-spun as the world is now socially, full of tension, melancholy, fearfully hopeful it can move past 2020 without its vision impaired for the future by raging old lunatics. "Hold me hold me" she implores on "No Glass Falls" as the guitars lick-up a storm of distorted melodies. "Your howling for someone to hold you", yes internally those born circa 2000 are "Howling" inside - the planet's "Howling" from the oceans to the Amazon. Put your headphones on and inject into a maelstrom of magic. Djuno from Southampton, a year into their journey, are like U2 and Nirvana at their early best, hungry and full of unbridled axis splitting energy.

Eljuri - BangBang - Original Mix - Manovill Records (Pop vocal)

Tracks #POP DANCE, Alt Pop, ROCK - 14.11.2018
Eljuri - BangBang - Original Mix - Manovill Records (Pop vocal) BILINGUAL POP VOCAL - POWERFUL MELODY -Eljuri releases her award winning single "BangBang", chosen as a winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Contest in the World category. Eljuri's provocative bilingual music video and song is a artist's plea to the world against non-stop Gun Violence.

Velinski - Celebrity - Caravan PR (Indie Rock-Rock)

Tracks INDIE POP, ROCK - 05.08.2018
Velinski - Celebrity - Caravan PR (Indie Rock-Rock) INDIE ROCK - ROCK - We are delighted to introduce this fun track by a talented songwriting and production team – VELINSKI ( Andrew Williams and Adam McEvoy ). CELEBRITY is a brilliant spoof on the world of, you guessed it, Celebrity. It’s not necessarily about real celebs but all those people who THINK they’re real celebrities, behave like they’re celebrities and the massive following their publicity generates. All the media is full of these precious darlings who in many cases are worshipped by millions of their followers. BUT what do they REALLY think about their adoring fans?

Alexander Wood - Tell Me Now - UPL Music (Pop Rock)

Tracks #POP DANCE, ROCK - 04.02.2018
Alexander Wood - Tell Me Now - UPL Music (Pop Rock) POP ROCK "Tell Me Now" UPL Music. Alexander Wood is influenced by artists like Muse, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons and Halsey and has a preference for experimental music, but his core influences are mainly rock. Outside of music Alexander Wood likes to “try to stay in shape, eat well…. Focus on the basics“. He likes to relax by watching his favourite TV show American Horror Story and is currently enamored by the movie IT. His current projects include a short action film for the Laurette Fugain Association which will be shown starting in March 2018, as well as participation in the album “Génération Enfoirés” scheduled for release on November 3rd for Les Restos du Coeur. What to expect from his future EP ? The songs will be pop, a bit rock and experimental, with an electro touch. According to Alexander Wood, he doesn’t prefer easy music. His interest is to have fun and be challenged in the creative process with a goal of writing songs that his audience will enjoy and that will inspire a real ongoing, interactive exchange.
The brand new single from Alexander Wood is 'Tell Me Now' and is out now on UPL Music.

Mauro Pina - L Ho Scritto Io - SevenHolding London (Latin Pop)

Tracks House (Latin-House), KINGS RECOMMENDED, Latin Pop, Progressive Club, ROCK - 27.10.2017
Mauro Pina - L Ho Scritto Io - SevenHolding London (Latin Pop) LATIN HOUSE - PROGRESSIVE CLUB - LATIN POP VOCAL - ROCK VOCAL -  L' HO SCRITTO IO - MAURO PINA (Intercool)
Mauro Pina's album "I wrote it" it's a project Made in Italy. Inside there is the song "Sei Fantastico" sung by Mauro Pina with Rosalinda Celentano as special guest. The videoclip was shot at the Vigoleno Castle (PC) with the extraordinary contribution of Rosalinda Celentano, as special guest, and, for the first time in a video clip, the special appearance of Matteo Catelli, son of Gabriella Carlucci.